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The GATES #4

Big night at the GATES with four new personal bests and new course records! Carter made his GATES debut and set the new standard of 8:39! Julia lowered the girl’s record to 9:27! Leo and Isaac set personal bests of 9:10 and 9:13, respectively.


The GATES #3

Our third run to the GATES produced more personal bests and new course record for the girls, Sera at 9:38. Julia produced the fastest debut time with a9:40 clocking. Leo added a personal best of 9:23.

Bellwood, Tyrone recap

We traveled to Bellwood-Antis yesterday for our meet. Tyrone was in attendance as well, but we didn’t score against them since we did last week.

We talked with the team the last few days about their meet day approach and being more positive. We also stressed that their self-worth isn’t attached to their performance and how we need to focus on what we can control, our effort and attitude. With that being said, yesterday’s meet was much better than Tuesday’s as a group effort. Everyone seemed to race more and really try to run with others. It was great day for us and everything is pointing in the right direction for Saturday.
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