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Kevin Dare HS Invite Recap

We kicked off our season at the Kevin Dare HS Invitational. After a great training block we were ready to get underway. We were able to produce several top-20 performances on the day as we worked off the initial rust.

Top Twenty Performances
7. Julia Cusatis, 5:30.06

13. Sera Mazza, 11:36.05

14. Carter Kauffman, 9:34.14

4x400m Relay
18. Myah, Sera, Kathleen, Shannon, 4:38.88

4x800m Relay
18. Carter, Max, Leland, Kaelan, 9:58.81

High Jump
19. Izzy Warren, 4-8

Triple Jump
19. Max Wortman 35-5

District 6 Championships!

District 6 Championships Recap

On Saturday we traveled to Forest Hills Middle School for the District 6 Championships. It was a perfect fall day and there is nothing better for XC. The boys and girls had the same goal: STATES. After a great season of preparation we were ready for the task at hand. But we went in with the understanding that we needed to focus on what we can control – our effort and attitude to race our best – and let the chips fall where they may in the results.

All season our AD, Chad Walsh, has made sure we ride to our meets in style and comfort by ordering our coach bus. I told him I think it makes us too comfortable and we needed to go back to a school bus. He laughed when I told them and double checked to make sure I was serious. I told him yes. And Saturday morning, our yellow chariot awaited.

We told the team we didn’t need any big speeches, we simply needed to believe in ourselves, execute our race plans, and trust our training.
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