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2016 Altoona Mt. Lion Invitational Meet Information

Good morning. We are heading to Altoona this weekend for the Mountain Lion Invitational. The team has had a great week of training and it will be fun to watch them execute on Saturday. The weather should be in the mid 60s/low 70s with a slight chance of rain for the morning races.

To accomplish the grand, you have to focus on the small. – Pete Carroll

There is nothing more critical to your success than the individuals you choose to surround yourself with. – George Raveling

Arrive at SJCA by 6:57 a.m.
Depart SJCA by 7:13 a.m.
Snack Signup: Thanks for the snacks!
Logan Elementary School – The course is here, not the HS.

301 Sycamore Street

Altoona, PA 16602
Race Times: 
Course tour: 8:30 a.m.
Varsity Girls: 10 am
Varsity Boys: 10:35 am 

Combined JV Boys/Girls 11:05 am
Combined Middle School 11:35
Top team in A/AA/AAA
Top 40 finishers Awards boys and girls Varsity
Top 25 finishers Awards boys and girls JV
Top male/female prizes
Top 10 boys/girls in MS race 
Request from the Altoona SDWe are asking you to tell all of your parents, NO DOGS. We have had a few bad incidents. This is an Altoona School District rule.

State College Invite Meet #1 Quick Recap

Thanks for everyone who was able to make it out tonight. We had a very strong start to the season. It might have been our best track meet (indoor and outdoors) from start to finish. I will go into more details when I have the official results. But we set several school and class records and many athletes established personal bests. We are well ahead of where we were at this point last year. Efforts like tonight are possible because of the commitment to the process and hard work from the athletes and coaches, and the support we receive from the parents, fans, and school. Thanks again for that.

I challenged the team before the meet that when they find a moment to be courageous, to take it. They answered the bell time and time again on that one.

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District 6 Championships!

District 6 Championships Recap

On Saturday we traveled to Forest Hills Middle School for the District 6 Championships. It was a perfect fall day and there is nothing better for XC. The boys and girls had the same goal: STATES. After a great season of preparation we were ready for the task at hand. But we went in with the understanding that we needed to focus on what we can control – our effort and attitude to race our best – and let the chips fall where they may in the results.

All season our AD, Chad Walsh, has made sure we ride to our meets in style and comfort by ordering our coach bus. I told him I think it makes us too comfortable and we needed to go back to a school bus. He laughed when I told them and double checked to make sure I was serious. I told him yes. And Saturday morning, our yellow chariot awaited.

We told the team we didn’t need any big speeches, we simply needed to believe in ourselves, execute our race plans, and trust our training.
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Stay Gold!

Carlisle Invite Recap

This past weekend we traveled to Carlisle for one of the top invites of the season. To be honest, we had a rough day on the course. But the day did provide a few bright spots.

After a few conversations during the week, I made the decision to split the girls in two races. The initial plan was to keep Emma in the Champions race, while moving Jordan, Kate, and Maggie to the Challenge race. The goal was to have them in the races that would provide the most benefit to them. One of the reasons I enjoy the Carlisle meet is that it is the first race we have that goes out hard and stays hard throughout because of the depth of top competition. Which is what we were looking to take advantage of for each competitor.
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