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Lock Haven Bald Eagle Invite Recap

What a night at the races! The team had a big night in Lock Haven with another solid day of good weather. The challenge that was issued to the team was to start fast and keep the foot on the gas all night. In recent meets it takes us a few events to get rolling. The fast starts help set the tone for the rest of the meet. It reminds me in youth swim lessons when the kids have to go off the diving board. One of my best friends who used to do swim instruction said you always have to organize the line for the first time on the diving board, because if the first few kids jump then the majority will as well, but if you have someone who has some trepidation, then it will be a rough day on the board.

A big thing we are trying to do is have each athlete take ownership of the leadership and pride in all we do. Would you rather play a team with one leader or 20? The more we can get the kids to have that accountability and responsibility for themselves and each other, the more we will continue to improve. We saw signs of it yesterday and we still need more of it to get where we want to go. Through improved communication, the focus on doing things well, and being at peace, we will better be able to take advantage of our full strength as opposed to compromising our efforts with things outside of our control. We are making progress, but still have some steps to climb.

It will be a long season if the coaching staff has to lead every minute of every day. The team needs voices from within. -Will Brown

For us to have a fast start, we need to be willing to fail so we can achieve those personal best efforts, record setting performances or even grab a win. And what we were asking for, we got in a big way! At this meet (and next week’s too), the field events start an hour before the track events so some of the tone setting was on their shoulders. Maggie Mangene was first on deck in the shot put and opened with personal best mark of 25-8 and from there, we were off and running, jumping, and throwing!

The boys team finished 20th overall on the day as they were lead by Max Wortman’s school record run in the 2k Steeple which earned him 6th place and Carter Kauffman’s personal best in the 3200 where he finished 5th, within second of the school record. The boys 4x400m relay of Tommy DeNezza, Malachi DuVall, Max Wortman, and Tyler Emigh ran a season best of 3:56.68 and pulled within a second of the district standard. Leland Calistri had an 18-second personal best in the 3200 to run 12:26. Before Tyler’s 56s split in the 4×4, he ran a strong 57.21 for a new personal best. Also before the 4×4 relay, Tommy had strong days in the 100 and 200. Jameson Reigh and Theo Spychalski had solid series in the throws. It can be hard to gauge the the throwing/jumping events because they don’t measure marks that fall below the minimum marks.

From Maggie’s first heave to the 4×4 relay, the girls were locked into a tight battle for a trophy (top 3). It was great preparation for future invites, districts, and states to see what it is like to be in a team battle for the title. It shows you how every point matters and you need to fight for every tenth of a second and every inch that is available. On the track, Lexi delivered a 2k steeple win as she set a new best for our school and was quickly followed by another win in the 4×8 relay (Julia, Myah, Addie, Sera) as they ran their fastest time of the season. Clare and Sera turned in 3rd place performances in the 300m hurdles and 1600, respectively. Clare’s mark lowered her school record by a second. Izzy, Julia and Addie helped fuel our team’s points by finishing 4th in the 100m hurdles, 800, and 3200, respectively. Izzy also added 6th and 7th place leaps in the triple and long jump. While Sera chipped in a 5th place finish in the 800m. Myah, Sera, Lindsey, Clare joined forces to grab 4th place in the 4×4 relay for our final points of the night. We had some other big performances on the night too. Michaela remains on the cusp of making districts as she had great series in all three throws, highlighted by her 15th place finish in the shot put. Camryn and Emma did the heavy lifting for the chase pack in the 3200 as they ran big time personal bests on the night. Shannon Saclyn achieved a season goal of break 60s in the 300m hurdles! Sloan lowered her 200m best with a strong run of 35.61, while Hannah Langeelan found a new event, 300m hurdles! Sarah Watkins continued her strong season in the jumps with 12th place finish in the jump. While Lindsey and Maggie punched tickets to districts in the 1600m. When it was all said and done, the girls finished 4th, their highest finish ever at an invitational!

I didn’t say we are going to win a lot, but we are going to play like winners. -Steve Spurrier

The foundational work that we’ve been doing is starting to come into bloom. We need to continue to stay disciplined and on the task at hand. We are hitting a critical phase as we are approaching districts (24 days away!) and states. Recovery, the 22 hours outside of practice, will cause the biggest gains as we hit the homestretch of our season. We will take another crack at a trophy next Saturday when we return to Lock Haven for the HS classic.

Winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they’re making to win. Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment. And that’s the difference. – Lou Holtz

A big boost to the team was that many of their classmates made the trip to watch them compete. It was great for them to be at a close venue to get that support from their friends and which helped them to stay loose and relaxed.

Full results

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.


Top 30 Performances (school records in bold, *new district qualifiers)
100m Hurdles
4. Izzy Warren, 17.10
22. Clare Marsh, 18.49

300m Hurdles
3. Clare Marsh, 48.36

400m Dash
15. Myah Chappell, 1:06.70

27. Tyler Emigh, 57.21

4. Julia Cusatis, 2:26.91
5. Sera Mazza, 2:28.43
20. Lexi Kranich, 2:38.98

3. Sera Mazza, 5:33.70
10. Lindsey Carmack, 5:52.02*
15. Maggie Urban, 5:57.06*

2k Steeple
1. Lexi Kranich, 8:11.54

6. Max Wortman, 7:10.97

4. Addie Ebbs, 11:58.80
24. Camryn Eby, 13:21.28*
30. Emma Youngmark, 13:27.30

5. Carter Kauffman, 9:49.13

High Jump
12. Sarah Watkins, 4-5

Long Jump
7. Izzy Warren, 15-11.5

Shot Put
15. Michaela Maynard, 29-0
28. Maggie Mangene, 25-8

Triple Jump
6. Izzy Warren, 33-3

25. Max Wortman, 35-6

4x400m Relay
4. Myah Chappell, Sera Mazza, Lindsey Carmack, Clare Marsh, 4:23.03
18. Tommy DeNezza, Malachi DuVall, Max Wortman, Tyler Emigh, 3:56.68

4x800m Relay
1. Julia Cusatis, Myah Chappell, Addie Ebbs, Sera Mazza, 9:52.90

District Qualifiers (District Standards)
4x800m relay

100m hurdles
Izzy Warren
Clare Marsh

Addie Ebbs
Sera Mazza
Kathleen Simander
Lindsey Carmack
Maggie Urban
Carter Kauffman

Myah Chappell

300m Hurdles
Clare Marsh

Carter Kauffman
Kathleen Simander
Sera Mazza
Addie Ebbs

Carter Kauffman
Addie Ebbs
Sera Mazza
Lexi Kranich
Lindsey Carmack
Camryn Eby

4x400m relay

Triple Jump
Izzy Warren

Long Jump
Izzy Warren

High Jump
Sarah Watkins

People on the Bubble
Boys’ 4x400m relay team
Myah Chappell (200)
Camryn Eby (1600)
Clare Marsh (triple jump)
Michaela Maynard (shot put, discus, javelin)
Max Wortman (3200)
Tommy DeNezza (100)
Cole Bernier (100, 200)
Izzy Warren (200)
Tyler Emigh (400)
Emma Youngmark (1600,3200)