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Lady Spartan/Wildcat Invite Recap

On Friday we traveled to the Lady Spartan/Wildcat Invite hosted at Latrobe Memorial Stadium. We were able to turn in several medal winning and district qualifying performances.

The Lady Spartan portion of the meet was started by my HS during my junior year. The Wildcat Invitational began a few years later. Eventually they combined it into one meet to create a showcase of great competition. We’re very fortunate we were able to see and be a part of it. As an example, one of the top athletes in the country, North Allegheny’s Ayden Owens, dominated on the track and in the field in the hurdles, long jump, and pole vault.

I think you’ve got to pay the price for anything that’s worthwhile, and success is paying the price. You’ve got to pay the price to win, you’ve got to pay the price to stay on top, and you’ve got to pay the price to get there. – Vince Lombardi

We faced a lot of AAA competition and the team was able to make their mark, by producing several top-25 performances on the day. It was a great test for as we prepare for the rest of the season. The key thing we are continuing to focus on is doing things well and executing. When we get too caught up in splits, times, distances, we are not able to reach a FLOW state, and be in the zone.

Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary but because they do ordinary things better than anyone else. – Chuck Noll

Since it is a six-lane track, medals went to the top 6 in each event. Izzy Warren and Kathleen Simander lead the way for the girls as they turned in third place efforts with new school records in the 100m hurdles and 800, respectively. Sera Mazza chipped in a 5th place in the 1600. Earlier in the day, Sera and Kathleen teamed up with Lindsey Carmack and Addie Ebbs to finish 5th in the 4×8. Myah Chappell added a 6th place in the 400. Carter Kauffman earned two medals for the boys finishing 6th in the 1600 and 5th in the 3200. The girls finished 9th overall, while the boys placed 16th as a team.

Much of the gap between us and the top is in our heads. This is why the execution and focus on the details is so critical. At some point in life you have to be willing to bet on yourself, and this isn’t just for sport, but in anything that means something to you. We have to constantly try to create a new normal which lies outside of our comfort zone. A lot of times early in the season, we go to what feels comfortable, when we need to do the opposite and test our limits to find the edge. Willpower and courage are just like muscles, we have to use them daily to strengthen them. This is why Virgil said, fortune favors the bold.

There is only a half step difference between the champions and those who finish on the bottom. And much of that half step is mental. – Tom Landry

Top 25 Performances (Bold-school record; *-new district qualifier)
25. Cole Bernier, 12.44

21. Cole Bernier, 25.09

6. Myah Chappell, 1:04.64*


3. Kathleen Simander, 2:26.11*
12.Addie Ebbs, 2:34.94*


5. Sera Mazza, 5:39.48
16. Maggie Urban, 6:13.89
24. Camryn Eby, 6:26.18

6. Carter Kauffman, 4:44.50


10. Lexi Kranich, 12:46.65*
13. Lindsey Carmack, 13:15.14*
23. Emma Youngmark, 14:16.09

5. Carter Kauffman, 10:12.75
22. Max Wortman, 11:21.92


100m Hurdles
3. Izzy Warren, 16.68
16. Clare Marsh, 18.44


8. Clare Marsh, 50.38

4x400m Relay
8. Myah Chappell, Addie Ebbs, Kathleen Simander, Clare Marsh, 4:28.66*

4x800m relay
5. Kathleen Simander, Lindsey Carmack, Sera Mazza, Addie Ebbs, 10:17.71


20. Theo Spychalski, 121-3

21. Michaela Maynard, 76-11

24. Michaela Maynard, 81-4

Long Jump
9. Izzy Warren, 15-4.5*

Triple Jump
8. Izzy Warren, 34-1.25

High Jump
16. Sarah Watkins, 4-7

District Standards 

District Qualifiers | PIAA Schedule/Standards
4x800m relay

100m hurdles
Izzy Warren
Clare Marsh

Addie Ebbs
Sera Mazza
Carter Kauffman

Myah Chappell

300m Hurdles
Clare Marsh

Carter Kauffman
Kathleen Simander
Addie Ebbs

Carter Kauffman
Addie Ebbs
Sera Mazza
Lexi Kranich
Lindsey Carmack

4x400m relay

Triple Jump
Izzy Warren

Long Jump
Izzy Warren

People on the Bubble
Boys’ 4x400m relay team
Myah Chappell (200)
Camryn Eby (3200)
Clare Marsh (triple jump)
Michaela Maynard (shot put, discus, javelin)
Sarah Watkins (high jump)
Maggie Urban (1600)
Max Wortman (3200)
Tommy DeNezza (100)
Cole Bernier (100, 200)
Izzy Warren (200)

The Wolves return to action on Tuesday against Central Mountain. Thanks for the continued support and encouragement.


2016 Bear Mountain River Run Meet Information

Our first meet of the season is Saturday at Lock Haven University. It will be nice confirmation of our current fitness level as we continue on our season long journey to be the best we can be. The team has been working very hard and it is exciting to see their progress. The meet this weekend will be a great chance for everyone to get the rust off and get back into the racing mindset.

This meet does have varsity/JV distinction so the complete boys and girls teams will run in their respective races.

The temperatures look to be pretty reasonable this weekend with  a forecast of a high of 77 and slight chance of rain.
The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.- Vince Lombardi
Directions: I have attached directions to the course and here are the directions from the school .
Food: Thanks for completing the signup genius form for snacks.
Details of the Day ( we will be taking a bus to the meet in case anyone was wondering)

Arrive at SJCA by 7:47 a.m.

Depart SJCA: 8:03 a.m.
Race Times:
10:00 a.m. Middle School Boys 2 mile race
10:30 a.m. Middle School Girls 2 mile race
11: 00 a.m. Boys 5 kilometer race
11:30 a.m. Girls 5 kilometer race 

Meet Information
It is a flat course that makes a figure-8 around a set of corn fields and an open field. Very spectator-friendly.
We will bring our tent and set it up when we arrive.

Awards will be presented to the top two teams in each race and the top ten individuals in each of the four races will receive awards.

The presentation of awards will take place around 12:30pm.

Also we have a facebook page,twitter, and website where we post information and photos.